All art by Elana Iaciofano

There's a book?

Yes! A book. I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Zaza's Perfect Pie, story book, work book and cookbook in one, most suitable for children ages 6 - 11.

Unstoppable and inventive, Zaza loves three things: her dog, Pecorino, the bike she got for her birthday, and....PIZZA! Zaza loves pizza so much that she wants to eat it for every meal. She wants to be the World's Greatest Pizzaiola (that means "pizza maker" in Italian) and make The Perfect Pie. 

You’ll learn her secrets as Zaza and Pecorino embark on a series of pizza-related adventures, experiments and art projects, all in the name of pizza.

What's in the book?

When cooking is recommended as a fundamental basic life skill by many educational and parental guides. As a creative director for the food industry, I essentially tell stories with food, and I believe that every good meal has one. Zaza's story of determination and imagination invites participation, so that kids can act on that inspiration immediately in any number of ways:

  • A 32-page narrative story of Zaza’s experiments and adventure - with lessons around determination, developing a growth mindset and willingness to experiment, and curiosity around food and what we eat 
  • Full-color mixed media illustrations that delight, intrigue and create a sense of possibility 
  • Coloring pages that support learning about ingredients, process and shapes 
  • Recipes for the basics (dough, sauce, etc.) and ways to expand your pizza library, all tried and tested from classes I’ve taught out of my mobile artisanal cooking school, and in collaboration with Colavita, King’s Cooking School, Publix Aprons Cooking Schools, Eataly and Perugina.

Zaza’s Perfect Pie is meant to be written in, drawn on and even spilled on! The book is designed and written so that children can enjoy it alone or with their parents. It's a story kids will want to read over and over again, but it can also be used as a reference guide, as parents are sure to learn new things, too!

How do I get my flour-dusted hands on a copy?

The book is expected to ship in November 2017. I'll put up a link to order when the book is all printed and ready to go. Sign up for Zaza's newsletter below to get alerted when the time is here!