The original Zaza.

The original Zaza.

Zaza and The Perfect Pie uses pizza as a canvas to paint a "palette" of seasonal taste. 

Who is Zaza?

Zaza is a 10 year old girl who is in love—with pizza. Zaza is me. And she is you. She embodies the child in all of us—our imaginations, creativity and playfulness.


The Perfect Pie is more an idea than it is an actual pizza. It’s ever-changing and reflects what is perfect for: The season...your mood...your taste... your health ...your dog.

What does Zaza DO?

Zaza's Perfect Pie teaches classes, hosts events, publishes books, creates art, films video and writes...all about and around pizza.

  • Classes
    Zaza's artisanal pizza classes are taught from a mobile cooking school (a truck)! We drive the lessons straight to your door. A Zaza cooking class embraces the variability in cooking, and in life, creating recipes that you need and that bring color to your world every day.
  • Events
    Zaza events are co-hosted by local farms, wineries, breweries, and private clients. Zaza offers a seasonal three-course pizza menu complete with appetizer, salad, dessert and wine pairings! There's usually some food-inspired art on the walls, too. You can dine on artful pizza, while gawking at art and enjoying time with friends, family and strangers!
  • Video
    Zaza publishes pizza cookery how-to videos for two reasons:
    1. Some of you are out of driving range of the truck.
    2. It's fun, and Zaza considers video an art.
  • Art
    Zaza usually makes her art early in the morning. Before the sun is up. The coffee is strong and the watercolors, charcoals and scraps of paper start flying. Much of this art is featured on the blog and in Zaza publications.
  • Writing
    Zaza writes recipes, blog posts, cookbooks, prose, random witty remarks, and total nonsense.

Who is behind this operation?

Elana Iaciofano is in charge here. That's me. I consider food an art form - preparation, cooking, and presentation. My pizzas reflect this, becoming a canvas, not only for what’s seasonal and nutritious, but what’s delicious and beautiful.

I feel that it is my mission in life to share my specific culinary-artistic palette with the world by teaching artistic, artisanal pizza classes with the aim of helping others to bring creativity and health into their kitchens.

I invite you to sit at my table, where paints and prosciutto dine together, bringing a whole new meaning to “playing with your food.”